The Fall

We joined forces with Mason Studio under the design collective A Zero (A0), to create an interactive installation, for the 11th annual Come Up To My Room exhibition at the Gladstone Hotel.

'Fall of the Walled Garden' explored the creation of public and private experiences. Participants were transported from the Gladstone to a new space where light, sound, and structure mediate the body and personal interactions. This is a space of stillness, a space that uses mindfulness meditation to slow participants down.

At the centre lies a bright void where individuals are asked to commit their mind and body to a meditative introspective journey. With full commitment—and some time—the exterior of the space will be transformed into a shifting environment of audio and light, before once again returning to a previous state of stillness.

A0 is built from the joint efforts of ALSO Collective and Mason Studio. The studios share philosophies of design, but originate from two distinct practices. ALSO occupies a space in digital media and graphic design, while Mason inhabits the space of architecture and interiors. A0 represents a shift in the boundaries of design, offering a space where two, three and four dimensions cohabitate and coalesce into a hybrid design practice. | 416-506-9490 | 131–163 Sterling Rd, Toronto, Ontario