Signal Theatre

This identity is made up of three interrelated themes. The first theme of fire can be seen in the treatment of the brushwork behind the letterforms. Fire has been incorporated into this identity to represent the way a fire can bring people together, or the narratives told around the fire. It represents cohesion and sharing. The second theme is that of blood, specifically the flow of life through the body and metaphorically the body through time and place. The heart beats pushing blood to vital organs, moving a body through space. Just as the heart has a rhythm, and feeds the mind, dance to has a rhythm and projects the mind.

The third theme requires a story. There was once a time when drums were used to communicate across vast distances. A message could cover six hundred miles in a matter of hours. This was accomplished by sending the message through a series of hoppers established at individual villages that filled the six hundred mile gap. The signal is based off one simple premise, on and off; in order for there to be a message there must be silence and sound, on off, up down, zero one, high low. The identity utilizes this third theme to define the typography. The letterforms flip from up to down in an undulating wave, simultaneously pointing to the shape of dance, the flow of water, the structure of a message, the beat of a drum, or the beat of the heart. After all the heart is a drum.

Inspiration for colour system was drawn from aboriginal art and garments. When used within this contemporary logo the colours are recast and revived into a new form. The colours represent a looking back towards tradition and history, while looking forward into the future.

There are four sub-logos in this identity system, representing each instance of Signal Theatre’s programming types. There are separate marks for performance, installation, media, and the primary mark, which will appear as the main identity for the Signal brand. | 416-506-9490 | 131–163 Sterling Rd, Toronto, Ontario