Shift: Processes

Shift: Processes is a set of three books containing finished and unfinished works and variations on themes. The intent with this issue was to show process. The content is structured in a way that rewards reading between the lines. These books are containers of exceptional work collected from students of each program in our attempt to blend the boundaries between the departments of art, design, and liberal studies.

The first book in this series represents process at its core illustrating the rawness of learning and imagining. The second looks at the depth of an idea, observing how far a thread can be followed, and documents a snapshot of work and research in its formative moments. The third book encapsulates works that have been finished. These pieces are lineages of ideas have culminated in works that represent a body of work to date, and work to follow. There are three books; we have ordered them in this way for ease. However, they can and should be read in any order. | 416-506-9490 | 131–163 Sterling Rd, Toronto, Ontario