Love the Ravines

Conventional environmental campaigns often use tactics that make it difficult for the everyday citizen to relate to the ideas of environmentalism. There are alternatives, one being to demonstrate the social, cultural, and economic value of the environment you are trying to save. Love the Ravines represents this alternative.

Love the Ravines was a campaign developed and launched with Dot Dot Dash and Patagonia. Dot Dot Dash approached us with an open brief requesting the development of a web presence. We believed that the web component of the campaign required more impact. Instead of a conventional website, we developed a web application to crowd source social media and data surrounding access and enjoyment of the Toronto Ravines system. We developed a custom map using Google, Twitter, and Instagram to pool information and social media into a web application.

The application functioned as a portal for Dot Dot Dash’s video campaign and petition. At present, Toronto lacks a sufficient and effective map of its ravines. Our intention is to collaborate further with Dot Dot Dash, the City of Toronto, and local businesses to begin building out more functionality that focuses on history, points of interest, and conservation initiatives. | 416-506-9490 | 131–163 Sterling Rd, Toronto, Ontario