GOOD+HEC is a lifestyle brand created to address mental health issues in our corporate sector, and to inspire men to find their balance through movement. The brand is segmented into mind, body and urban movement. As the name suggests, the brand deals with binary opposites and how to strike the balance between them. We worked closely with the co-founders from the beginning to establish and launch the brand in the North American market. Stylistically, the visual identity was developed to point to the masculinity of the brand. The logo is sturdy, and precise to match this masculinity, without falling into the usual motifs of masculine brands. GOOD+HEC carries with it lightness and an open-mindedness that is referred to by the use of widely spaced typographic forms. Built from three key themes of body, mind, and urban movement, GOOD+HEC is a multifaceted brand. This is captured through the use of icons to be applied throughout the brand. As the brand grows, new icons can be developed following the same visual language. Our creative direction went beyond the visual identity, expanding the brand vocabulary to written and editorial content. Our team directed the photo shoots to produce the appropriate content for the e-commerce website and online marketing social media. In addition, the website was designed and developed in-house. | 416-506-9490 | 131–163 Sterling Rd, Toronto, Ontario